Entry-level master's degree earners can also get a proper introduction to forensic science from this position, which is a great starting point for more prominent positions in the future. The best way to get started in the forensic science field is to take a position that puts you right into the act of collecting and analyzing evidence.

School Level Program Admissions
Michigan State University Master Master of Science in Criminal Justice Website
Saint Joseph's University Master MS in Criminal Justice - Intelligence & Crime Analysis Website
Utica College Master MS in Cybersecurity - Computer Forensics Website
Utica College Master MS in Data Science Website
St. Ambrose University Master Master of Criminal Justice Website
Utica College Master Master of Professional Studies in Cyber Policy and Risk Analysis Website
Fairleigh Dickinson University Master Master of Science in Cyber and Homeland Security Website
Saint Mary's University of Minnesota Master Master of Science in Cybersecurity Website
American University Master Master of Science in Human Resource Analytics and Management Website

Online Master's of Forensic Science Programs

The advancement of technology plays a huge part in the spread of popularity in this career path, with more jobs becoming available as more methods of evidence collection and analysis are being released.

Depending on where you live, it is possible that careers such as this one are more prominent than in other areas of the country.

Largely populated areas that have bigger law enforcement agencies are more likely to employ more forensic science technicians that cities with smaller populations and lower crime rates.

There are multiple online forensic science-related degree options at the Master's level.