Forensic Entomology Degree Programs

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There are many branches of criminal analysis and investigation in forensic science. Blending these studies with entomology focuses on analyzing dead bodies and the impact insects and the environment have had. Understanding these concepts can help to identify heavily-decomposed remains and potential motives that took place.

Known as forensic entomology, this procedure is often completed in a laboratory setting. Understanding how insects and arthropods have interacted with the dead body may determine how long it has been at a crime scene. They may be able to identify behaviors, internal problems, or environmental impact in the cause of death.

Work is not limited to a laboratory setting as entomologists may observe the crime scene for additional evidence. Environment plays a significant impact as interaction among insects and other organisms changed based on many variables. For example, temperature can decrease or increase decay that occurs on the human body.

Career Opportunities in Forensic Entomology

Having strong knowledge and skills in entomology and criminal investigation greatly helps cases featuring decomposed bodies. Professionals can identify how long decay has occurred based on colony development and environmental impact. Regardless of setting, these professionals work with investigators and leaders to solve theory and criminal cases.

Many opportunities in forensic entomology are in an academic setting. With high competition at this level, it is recommended that individuals look to complete a Master's degree or PhD in entomology. Other full-time positions to consider are consultants for law enforcement agents or specialized researchers within entomology.

Forensic entomology is not limited to studying body decay in a criminal event. Urban entomology looks at infestation of insects in a residential building or public/community gardens. Product-based entomology observes criminal cases that feature insect contamination of goods, which are commonly foods and other perishable items.

School Program Admissions

Are There Forensic Entomology Degrees Online?

Individuals are limited in their online studies with forensic entomology. At this time, there are no specific disciplines in forensic entomology itself available online. Students must research programs that provide a unique blend of criminal investigation that is impacted with insect behavior.

Example discipline options feature Entomology or Forensic Science. Either of these options may provide elective coursework in the opposite category. For example, a degree focusing on entomology may have course topics available in forensic science and evidence analysis.

For those looking at online programs, finding accreditation can verify the online education. Regional accreditation is often required or recommended for graduate education at universities. One of the popular field standards is the Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission (FEPAC).

FEPAC looks to apply national standards for forensic science study, including niche opportunities in entomology. This process first started recognizing schools in 2004. Programs must assess their goals to determine if graduates are meeting high standards and need to alter curriculum requirements when necessary.