Forensic Biology Degree Programs

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Arizona State University Bachelor Online Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science Website
Maryville University Bachelor Bachelor of Arts in Forensic Psychology Website
Arizona State University Bachelor Online Professional Science Master’s in Forensic Science (PSM) Website

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Biology itself is the science behind living organisms, including animals, humans, and plant life. This includes how these organisms live in their environment, develop over time, and impact they serve. Biology also looks at the various characteristic that apply to these living beings.

In the forensic science field, biologists focus on the investigation and find evidence for criminal cases. They are responsible for piecing together how this activity takes place. For example, how did the living being, either human or animal, die within their environment?

At least a Bachelor's degree is needed for many forensic biology jobs. Entry-level positions provide specific skill training while at the job. Some experience is recommended for advanced or leadership positions within forensic biology.

There are different job opportunities under the forensic biology umbrella. There may be experts that oversee specific criminal acts and work with investigators. In other cases, they may work on site directly and help determine potential evidence that needs further analysis.

Are There Forensic Biology Degrees Online?

Programs that offer forensic biology topics are available online. However, for the Forensic Biology discipline itself, this specialized education is mostly available at the campus level. Some of this is due to limited resources of the niche content in analyzing biological evidence and various scientific topics covered.

Master's degrees are the only level of higher education available in forensic biology. Some electives within similar disciplines, like Forensic Science, may feature the needed education. They may combine a group of biology courses and create a specialization of Forensic Biology or similar.

Prospective students should review online requirements and verify if the curriculum has the needed coursework. Regardless of choosing a Forensic Sciences or Biology discipline, there should be a biological approach to evidence analysis. They should also have the right equipment to complete coursework online and have a smooth educational experience.

Having a Windows or Mac desktop or laptop computer is generally recommended with high-speed internet access. Different applications may be needed and these requirements vary depending on the college distributing the courses. Web conferencing software, such as Zoom or Skype, is generally needed to communicate in some courses and with faculty members.

School Level Program Admissions

Top Online Programs for Forensic Biology

Oklahoma State University

The Center for Health Sciences offers a Master of Science in Forensic Sciences. A concentration is available in forensic biology and DNA analysis. This program is ideal for individuals looking to be a laboratory technician or become a biology professor at an institution.

Students may blend their online education with on-campus work at the Tulsa location. The first year of the program features coursework that is possible to complete in either format. Laboratory sessions in the second year are only available on campus.

30 total credit hours are needed with options in full-time or part-time enrollment. Students need to maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA to continue pursuing the program. All coursework must be completed within a seven-year time frame.

Graduates looking to become a professor should complete the thesis pathway. This requires six total credit hours in research. Students end the program by publishing and defending their thesis in their final semester of study.