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Forensic accountants, though not directly involved in crime scene investigation, do their fair share of sleuthing. Forensic accounting carefully examines the monetary effects of the crime, as well as the finances of every party involved.

This is especially important in cases of money laundering, fraud, identity theft, insider trading, graft, and robbery. Any discrepancies in the accounting done by either party will be noted and questioned by forensic accounting experts. The forensic accountant may provide expert testimony in court based on his investigation.

Are there online forensic accounting degrees?

Yes, there are forensics accounting programs online at universities in the US. There are online Bachelor of Forensic Accounting and online Master of Forensic Accounting degrees. There are not many forensic accounting specializations at the Associates or Doctorate levels.

What do forensic accountants do in the real world?

Forensic accountants examine financial information in legal cases. They must possess a keen understanding of business processes and financial information systems. In addition, they must be proficient in gathering, recording, and storing any information derived from the investigation.

Knowledge of accounting procedures and standards is a must, as are strong observational skills. Forensic accountants should have knowledge of the litigation process as well.

School Level Program Admissions