Forensic Photography Programs

School Level Program Admissions
Utica University Bachelor BS in Cybersecurity - Network Forensics and Intrusion Investigation Website
Concordia University - Saint Paul Master MAHS in Forensic Behavioral Health Website
Carlow University Bachelor Master of Science in Fraud & Forensics Website
Utica University Master MS in Cybersecurity - Computer Forensics Website
Utica University Bachelor BS in Fraud and Financial Crime Investigation Website
Norwich University Bachelor BS in Cyber Security: Computer Forensics and Vulnerability Management Website
Campbellsville University Associate AS in Criminal Justice Administration Website
Virgina Wesleyan University Bachelor Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Website

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Forensic photography is an important aspect of forensic science. Holding photographic evidence is part of the recreation process of a crime scene when investigators are unable to be there initially. This is also the best way to showcase evidence in a court of law when unable to otherwise.

Ensuring that the crime scene has been protected requires photography. Any altercations that may occur can be verified with initial photographs. This also provides security measures to protect evidence in criminal activity.

Professionals gain proper skills in documenting evidence through photography in criminal justice programs. They are able to explain why particular documentation is necessary in the investigation process. Other workers may look at photography and documentation to determine if other evidence should be considered.

On a technical level, photography continues to improve criminal investigation. These scenes can be reviewed and analyzed with various methods that can later be magnified and cleared up. This is helpful in situations when investigators cannot review evidence themselves without the help of photography.

It is important to understand the technology behind taking pictures at a crime scene. Lighting, flash, and the type of camera used can significantly change the image used in investigation. Improper captures can tarnish and eliminate certain evidence from a court of law.

Are There Forensic Photography Degrees Online?

As managing evidence from crime scenes is moving toward a digital format, so are higher education studies. Many degrees in the disciplines of criminal justice and digital forensics offers an online component. This may feature some or all courses that can be taken if technological requirements are met.

Programs may offer education in a synchronous or asynchronous format. Frequently, a blend of these options are available with lectures and assignments offered on-demand but due on a weekly basis. In some formats, live lectures must be attended through webconferencing software.

Various applications needed in the program depends on the university and what is compatible with the learning management system. Frequently, a Windows or Mac operating system is needed to complete all coursework and achieve maximum compatibility. There may be some opportunities to access course materials through mobile apps on Android and iOS systems.

School Level Program Admissions
Virgina Wesleyan University Bachelor Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice Website
Aurora University Bachelor BA in Criminal Justice Website
Point University Bachelor Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Website
Utica University Bachelor BS in Criminal Justice - Cyber Criminology and Policy Website
Utica University Master MS in Data Science Website