Forensic Mental Health Degree Programs

School Level Program Admissions
Concordia University - Saint Paul Master MAHS in Forensic Behavioral Health Website
University of West Alabama Bachelor Bachelor of Psychology Website
University of West Alabama Master Master of Science: Clinical Mental Health Counseling Website
East Central University Bachelor Bachelor of Science in Psychology - Behavioral Health Website

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Criminal activity may take place due to the perpetrator's mental state. Prior environment in where they were raised or substance abuse plays a common role in violence that takes place. The investigative process in analyzing this and finding solutions is within the forensic mental health category.

Studies in forensic mental health features topics in analyzing suspects and offenders for the status of their mental capability. They determine characteristics that lead to motives and reasons why criminal activity occurs. Types of mental disorders covered in these programs include personality and brain development or damage.

Professionals not only determine what the offender has done, but they may work with them suffering with mental illness. This requires clinical certification in order to develop a treatment plan for their mental illness. Positions exist within the police department, prisons, and correctional facilities.

What is Clinical Mental Health Counseling?

Some programs featuring forensic mental health topics emphasize clinical mental health counseling. These are geared toward professional opportunities that work with patients, both individuals and groups. They are responsible for diagnosing issues and determining treatment plans, which may differ from forensic activity.

Limited degrees blend forensic technology with mental health counseling procedures. This is featured in a Master's degree distributed by Roger Williams University. Graduates from the program will have the education necessary to apply for state licensure in Rhode Island and potentially in other states.

Forensic mental health jobs do not all require state licensure. Programs often designate if they have the education needed for clinical work at the state level. The American Mental Health Counselors Association offers a credential in Forensic Evaluation.

School Level Program Admissions

Are There Forensic Mental Health Degrees Online?

Even in a specific area of psychology, students have opportunities to pursue online higher education in forensic mental health. This can be available as a concentration when pursuing a psychology discipline. There are also some degrees that focus completely on mental health and counseling with some forensic technology studies.

Overall, most of this online education is available at the graduate level. For undergraduate students, they may consider taking traditional psychology or forensic psychology disciplines more widely available. This pathway can lead toward graduate programs in forensic mental health.

Disciplines or concentrations in mental health or clinical mental health may have opportunities with forensic studies. Students should check minors, graduate certificates, or electives offered by the university. Becoming a clinical professional requires additional years of education and post-graduate experience that may not be necessary for some forensic positions.