Forensic Psychology Degree Programs

School Level Program Admissions
Arizona State University Bachelor Online Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science Website
Maryville University Bachelor Bachelor of Arts in Forensic Psychology Website
Arizona State University Bachelor Online Professional Science Master’s in Forensic Science (PSM) Website
Concordia University - Saint Paul Master MAHS in Forensic Behavioral Health Website
University of West Alabama Bachelor Bachelor of Psychology Website
University of West Alabama Master Master of Science: Clinical Mental Health Counseling Website

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Students explore concepts of forensic psychology such as interviewing witnesses and determining credibility and competence. Social psychology looks at the individual thought process and how this may be impacted by those close to them or within the community. Through the criminal lens, they understand environment and various motives that led to the offender committing these crimes.

Clinical study and state licensure is not required for all forensic psychology careers. Many programs featuring this program designate that the curriculum does not feature the capability to prepare students for clinical work. Individuals interested in this advanced work will need to consider accredited education from the American Psychology Association (APA).

Are There Forensic Psychology Degrees Online?

Many opportunities in higher education exist for individuals pursuing forensic psychology careers. A number of programs at both the undergraduate and graduate level offer online coursework for psychology and criminal justice. Forensic-focused psychology may be offered through electives or as a concentration at some institutions.

With a large amount of schools providing online education, it is important to determine the validity of the curriculum. Regional accreditation is widely accepted and easy to determine on university web pages. When looking at transferring or graduate-level education, many schools require individuals that have completed work at a regionally accredited institution.

Not all programs are available 100 percent online for students. They may require students to complete multiple on-campus residencies to work with faculty members or present their final capstone project prior to graduation. This requirement is more common for Master's degrees and doctorate degrees.

Technological requirements will depend on the university and the learning management system that they utilize. In many cases, a Windows or Mac operating system is needed with a compatible desktop or laptop computer. Frequent applications include Skype or Zoom webconferencing, Microsoft Office, and the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browser.

School Level Program Admissions
University of West Alabama Bachelor Bachelor of Psychology Website
University of West Alabama Master Master of Science: Clinical Mental Health Counseling Website
East Central University Bachelor Bachelor of Science in Psychology - Behavioral Health Website

What Exactly Is Forensic Psychology?

Attempting to solve and understand criminal activity requires a team that specializes in many different areas. One key factor to consider is the psychological impact that goes into criminal activity. This can be attributed to many different sectors, including government agencies and private practice.

What differs in forensic psychology from general studies? The curriculum blends criminology, legality, and court of law concepts. Pursuing this type of degree emphasizes environmental and cultural influence on criminal action. It also looks at different psychological patters that are related to the perpetrator and crime committed.